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Every so often, you're sailing smooth in your job. Everything is going great, except one small thing. You have a surprise drug test check in office, and you're caught. Doesn't sound great, right? One of the easiest ways out is to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test.

Thankfully, it might be easy to pass a drug test.

Why do we need synthetic urine?

Urine testing is a very common method to test people for drugs, which are accumulated in the body and moved away through urine, what makes employers often go in for testing this liquid. There are many ways you can trick the results though, like using THC detox for cleansing or taking other medications as well to suppress drug accumulation in the body, however each method has certain limitations and requires to avoid drugs for some time for them to work. But there is another way by which you can avoid the problem and simply pass the test with high probability - through the use of synthetic urine, which is highly similar to the natural one but cleaner and drug-free.

Benefits of using this substance

Since synthetic urine works for drug test, it is a cheap and proven option for you to pass it, which can be used very easily. There are some things that must be taken care of before you start to use it.

  1. Select a proper certified, good grade product as the fakes might get you caught
  2. Follow the procedure carefully and use it as per instructions
  3. Take care of the temperature, color and composition when selecting the product

Tips to remember when using the synthetic urine

Now when you use the pee for your test, there are some factors that can be used to your advantage

  1. The candidate is not supervised when collecting samples, at that time you could do the trick
  2. If you are supervised, use of urinating device will be a good option, because this way you can do it safely
  3. Use good quality product, as the low grades might get detected in advanced adulteration tests
  4. You can attach the bag to your body to avoid its disclosure

synthetic urine kit

Selecting the product with care

There are certain things you need to ensure before you use the product.

  • Check the pH level of the synthetic urine, it must be within 5-8, any further deviation is a sign of spoiled product
  • The urine temperature must be close to your body temperature, around 36°C or 98°F
  • There is a chemical named creatinine that is present in your body in accordance to your weight and must be tested properly before using it. For a normal human, it must be at least 18mg/kg
  • There must be no traces of nitrates in the sample; else you are in trouble.
  • It is obvious to ensure that the color and odor of urine must be present, else it is fake.

You need to select a proper sample that suits your specifics, and this can help you pass the screening with ease, but don't forget that cheating federal drug test is a felony, so you can have problems if you do this.